Teeth Whitening

Immediate Results!

Whitening gel is activated by a cool LED light giving you a whiter smile in just 20 minutes without the sensitivity and time consuming daily treatments.

Free consultations and guaranteed results.
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Is it safe?

Research shows that if teeth and gums are normal and healthy there are no adverse effects to cosmetic tooth whitening. The ingredients used in our product are 100% pure with no fillers or additives. Only the finest ingredients are used. (kosher USP glycerin, no animal by products). Tooth whitening will not change or damage the structure of the teeth it simply makes them whiter and brighter.

How long does the procedure take and what are the results?

Results can vary as the grade, genetic trait of your teeth and age can affect the process, however we do recommend a 15-20 minute treatment. Our product is clinically proven to whiten teeth dramatically and safely and we guarantee 2-8 shades difference. No client will leave unsatisfied!!

How long will the whitening last?

Two years is not unusual but we do recommend that you care for your new smile with our whitening extender pen, and regular dental check ups and cleanings. Longevity is also affected by lifestyle and diet. Pursing a touch up treatment in 6 months is not unusual to maintain optimal results.

Will it whiten existing fillings, crowns or veneers?

Tooth whitening treatment in general will not change the colour of porcelain crowns, veneers or fillings.

How does SRS Smile products differ from the ones offered in dental offices and other methods of whitening?

SRS Smile products are manufactured by the "Worldwide leader in teeth whitening for over 9 years" extensively to dental professionals. The key to the success of our whitening system is the finest gel coupled with our blue light technology that increases the potency of the whitening in a fraction of the time and cost of that offered by your dentist.

Immediate Results Guaranteed!

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